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Volume 19, November 2009

It is that season again, where parents are in high gear preparing for the festive season!

I am so happy as my children get older that they will help with some family traditions such as baking or learning a Christmas song on an instrument.  They don’t last the whole time if it’s not fun, like washing up or standing out in the rain to put up the lights, but it shows me they have some motivation to help make the holiday season special.

I am continuing on the theme of having a difficult child. It can often happen while parents are rushing around trying to make the holidays special, it can be a great source of frustration when your child who has low threshold to changes is not enjoying the holidays.  Children of all temperaments feed of off the mood and tone set in the household by the parents in charge.  Here’s wishing that your traditions and family time are met with compliance.

The Difficult Child

A child who has a difficult temperament can become upset easily.  Parents find it hard to please their child.  Their home life is filled with disappointment, feelings of failure and avoidance.

A child with a difficult temperament adapts poorly to their environment as well as has a low sensory threshold.  This is why tantrums are often associated with this personality trait, as these children adapt poorly to the unexpected.  An example of this is when a child receives a toy from their wish list, but is upset because it is a different colour, or a newer model than the one they saw on TV.

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