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Parents: Are you worried about your child?

Child and Family counselling may be your answer.

Is your child experiencing any of the following?

  • seems sad and lonely, or isolates from his/her friends
  • has fears or worries too much (such as fears related to school, being alone, afraid of the dark or difficulty sleeping)
  • problems in school
  • resists family rules
  • has experienced a personal loss (divorce, death, a move etc)
  • seems angry and acts aggressively towards others
  • is distracted easily and struggles to concentrate
  • is impulsive and acts without thinking

Parenting children and youth is challenging. Your child’s temperament, and any problems they are having at home and school, can sometimes cause you to feel frustrated, sad, or concerned. It can even affect your self-esteem as a parent to the point where you feel you are letting down your child. This can be stressful for you, your child and the entire family.

You may feel frustrated because you are
putting a lot of energy into your parenting
and are not getting the results you want.

Christine Kutzner is someone I can always count on in my work as a school counsellor. I feel comfortable referring families to Christine because she is professional, knowledgeable and approachable. I consistently notice positive changes in the families that go to see Christine. The kids walk through the halls with more confidence and their parents talk of the renewed connection Christine has helped them build with their kids. Christine is also a huge help for me as a consultant on parenting issues and questions relating to my own practice. Her willingness to spend time building relationships and her ability to see to the crux of an issue right away make her a terrific counsellor.

- Cristina Dann Arvidson, Counsellor, Mulgrave School

If you are like most parents, you have probably tried numerous things to help your child but nothing has worked like you had hoped it would. Perhaps you have tried many ways to get help. You may have attended parenting classes, asked for advice from friends or read parenting books or even just ignored the problem hoping it would go away.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to overcome the problems you are having with your child even if you feel like just giving up.

The benefits of counselling for your child include:

  • relief from emotional pain (improved sleep, focus at school and happier)
  • reduce or eliminate behavior problems
  • learn new ways to resolve sadness, worries, fears and loss
  • improve school performance
  • better relationships with adults and peers
  • Counselling for your child and parent coaching can help you and your child overcome many stressful events and life experiences.

I contacted Christine to help my daughter deal with the bullying and teasing she was experiencing at her school. My daughter’s social relationships were suffering and I didn’t understand why or how to help her improve her relationships.

When we started the counselling process, I was surprised to learn how my divorce 9 years ago affected my daughter’s self esteem and self worth. It was through counselling with Christine that my daughter’s interpretation of these past events was brought to light and re-worked into a present day understanding to relieve her of her own guilty thoughts and misperceptions. As my daughter gained relief, she was able to move forward and explore the areas of our initial concern, her social relationships.

Today I am thrilled to see how she has blossomed! She is focused on herself with more courage and by being intrigued by her own uniqueness, rather than hiding her gifts. My daughter is discovering how smart she really is and has put herself into the public spotlight through her music! I am thrilled how she has gained more confidence. I would recommend Christine as a counsellor and would use her again in the future.

- A.K. mother of a 14 year old daughter

The benefits of counselling and coaching for you as a parent include:

  • feeling relieved and hopeful that your child is happier
  • developing a stronger relationship between you and your child
  • feeling supported in expressing your worries or concerns about your child’s struggles
  • gaining new parenting strategies
  • feeling more confident as a parent
  • nipping any future problems in the bud so that they don’t get out of control

Through family counselling, parent coaching and individual child counselling, I come to understand your family’s strengths. Working together in partnership to foster your child’s growth, and the anticipation of witnessing your family’s renewed connections, are the things I look forward to the most as a counsellor!

Thank you for your highly effective work with our family. The sessions we've had were so helpful. Both my husband and I go away with a better understanding of our son and our role as parents. I'm sure that our son goes away with a better understanding of himself and our family.

- L. & K.R. parents to 12 year old S.K.

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